Meditation 1

TELEPHONE CLASS: Take classes from the comfort of your own home. Once registered you will receive a teleconference phone number and access code. If you miss a class or would like to listen to the class again, a recording is available.

In this six-week meditation class, you will learn spiritual and practical tools to meditate, raise the vibration of your own energy, and have seniority and ownership of your own body. These meditative techniques , like a cleansing process, will help you:

* Ground yourself and others;

* Stop giving your own life force energy away unconsciously;

* Replenish your own energy when you get drained;

* Protect yourself;

* Tap into your intuition;

* Release old energy patterns, attitudes, blocks and foreign energy out of your body that cause discomfort, pain and “dis-ease.”

Once you have learned these spiritual tools, you can apply them in all aspects of your daily life – while meditating, working, driving, etc.

It is recommended that you assist to each class since the new techniques that you will learn and practice in each class is what will help you to increase your certainty in the use of the tools, to develop your intuition and your ability to heal yourself.

Cost: $37 per class. Please make payment via PayPal no later than the Saturday before the class. The total cost for the entire series of six classes is $210, a savings of $12, when the check or money order for $210 is received before the start of class.